Preserving an Island's Natural Riches

August 5, 2019

My new short film is now available for public viewing by clicking on the image above. Cayo Vizcaino is a poetic visual piece and follows a genre recently made popular by two filmmakers studying Audiovisual Media at the Stuttgart Media University in Germany in their film Eylenda; accordingly, it has no narration, people, or dialogue - only nature speaks through natural sounds, and a subtle bed of music edited beneath. I also used time-lapse, drone visuals, astrophotography, and alternating weather conditions to bring forward nature as the central theme without people. “Actors” include two loggerhead turtles, a Black Tip shark, a Stingray, two American Crocodiles, an Anhinga, and various wading birds. The presentation of wildlife is subtle to reflect how it naturally appears as part of the larger ecosystem. The film has been well received by the island’s residents - a front-page news story on the film can be viewed by clicking here: News.