Winter Eagles - Filmed | Edited | Directed by Brian Rivera Uncapher for @EarthAperture

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For centuries, the Bald Eagle has played a prominent role in the culture of the Tlingit people in Southeast Alaska. Together with the Raven, the Bald Eagle brings balance to the Tlingit social structure, and stories of these two moieties continue to this day to be passed along from parents to children. During early winter, the area near the Tlingit Village of Klukwan, Alaska hosts the largest concentration of Bald Eagles on Earth. The eagles gather to feast on an early winter Chum Salmon spawning run. Due to a geological condition under an alluvial fan where the Chilkat, Tsirku, and Klehini rivers meet, the water remains ice free, providing sustenance to the eagles which feed on the salmon and the trumpeter swans which feed on the salmon eggs during what is normally a very difficult season for wildlife. The event takes place against breathtaking and remote Alaskan landscapes during a season of unpredictable and occasionally severe weather which adds to the beauty of the land but makes photography and filming a chancy and complicated endeavor.

Alaska Bald Eagle Stills by Filmmaker | Photographer Brian Rivera Uncapher






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