Bay of Fundy

August 28, 2017

Bay of Fundy Seal©BrianRiveraUncapher.jpg

The highest tides on the planet occur here in the Bay of Fundy where I made this eye-level image of a seal surfacing.  The tidal activity here results in a fragile ecosystem that supports abundant wildlife, including over 260 species of birds and over 40 species of mammals - 8 species of whale can be found in these tidal waters. A report by US – based Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) shows that the proposed Energy East pipeline posses a massive threat to the Bay of Fundy and U.S. marine resources.  What can we do?  We can support government leaders that understand that protecting the environment is not a political issue but a human issue as our very own species survival depends on health oceans.  We can also support organizations that fight for the protection of the environment on a daily basis, groups like Pacific Wild, Natural Resources Defense Council, Mission Blue, and others, remembering that human apathy is the biggest danger of all.