Winning Image in the Art Wolfe Photography Contest

August 10, 2016

     Having followed the work of Art Wolfe for several years and having studied most of his books, I am grateful and honored to have won his recent Photography Competition.  I learned of his contest by following him on Instagram, and when the opportunity arose to participate, I jumped at it.  Considered one of the top photographers in the world, Art Wolfe has graced us with an impressive body of work which will inspire generations of photographers and artists to come.  As Wade Davis so eloquently put it in his Introduction to Art's Earth is My Witness book, "One can smell in his photographs the dirt of Africa, feel in them the chill of an Arctic wind, taste the bitterness of the plants, bear witness to the innumerable silences of the stars, and hear in his landscapes the slow sound of the continents inexorably in motion."  

     So, it has truly been an honor to have my work recently recognized by Art Wolfe and his team.  The competition emphasized Photography As Art, specifically patterns.  The contest is part of a series that explores the various elements of design which are essential to making compelling photographic compositions.  I made the photograph as a study of patterns in the natural world; it features the mosaic-like skin of an Iguana in its breeding colors.  The intricate design, diverse textures, and unusual shapes highlight the art so readily found in nature.  I hope you enjoy the image.